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Note: We sell software with control panel only. We have no concern with the server owner.



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Warning: Some cheaters are claiming that they are our re-seller, even though they are not. Please distinguish carefully, avoid being cheated.
MegaTypers Software

It's used to speed Megatypers.com captcha. You can create IDs for work on www.megatypers.com/register, Or click here to register without Invitation Code and with single paypal, payza or perfectmoney account.

1. you can work with multiple accounts at the same time and get captcha 10 times faster than you work on the website.  both megatypers accounts and protypers accounts can work.
2. You can type in about 2000-3000 captcha per hour and if you type fast enough. There is an Automatically Submitting System on our software, it will automatically submit the captcha if you don't have enough time to type, you don't need to worry about time out problem.
3. We provide you software and control panel, you can add authorization or delete authorization at any time.
4. One time payment, You will get the latest software free of charge for lifetime. No further charges.
5. Your IDs will not be banned because of using our software.
6. You can use it as long as .Net Framework 2.0 or higher edition is installed on your computer. Support winxp, win7, win8, vista, 32bit and 64bit OS.
7. Timer available on software.
8. You can pause or continue work at any time.
9. You can change software size according your own idea.

New Features:
1. You can see your current rate on software
2. You can see your current estimate amount on software
3. You can participate in the contest on software
4. You can activate the boostpacks on software.
5. Smart-CAPTCHAs is supported on the latest software.

Demo Video:
1. Click here to download demo video 
2. Click here to watch demo video online 


Q: Is this software safe?
A: Yes, our software is safe and secure.
To protect our source code, we have encrypted our software. Some of the antivirus software may mistake it for harmful software.
If you can't download it, try to change another web browser. If you can't use it, close the antivirus software and firewall.
Q: Will my account get banned because of using the software?
A: No, your account won't be banned because of using our software. Our software and web browser works on the same principle. The only difference is that You can use multiple accounts at the same time by using our software, and it can make your work faster. If your account is banned even though you work carefully, please stop work. They (the work provider) must be scammers.

Software price:
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